I spent the morning immersing myself in the land of the Ojai Foundation.  There was magic happening everywhere as I visualized the beautiful ceremonies we will have during my "Live your Dreams, Love Yourself" Retreat.  Hawks were swirling overhead and landing in trees just feet from me, people sat quietly in meditation, and a group gathered together for council class.

As all of these things happened, I took a deep breath, realizing I am just a few months away from gathering with my own group for meditation, council, nature, silence, laughter, music, art, workshops, sweat-lodge, hiking, and more!

My retreat webpage was just finished today and I already have 3 people ready to sign up!  I have a feeling this retreat will fill quickly (I may even have to turn people away!), so if you are interested, please sign up as quickly as possible at:


Today I am awake.
Today I am present with my purpose.
Today I am ecstatic.

I wish for you the same...
Magical days,