A couple of days ago I traveled around to a few towns near me to hang signs for my upcoming women's retreat.  While driving around, I really tuned in to all of the beauty that is surrounds me.  There are amazing sculptures, architecture, beaches, plants, and so much more.

It's easy to pass by all of the beauty, especially when we are stuck in traffic, exhausted, frustrated, etc.

But sometimes life gets easier when we just tune in to the special places that exist right in our backyard communities!  Refocusing on these little gems takes the focus off of the stress and hum-drum aspects of life.

The video below shows some of my very favorite jewels that exists around the corner here in California. Perhaps you can head out to photograph some of the things/places in your area that really call to you! I guarantee you will feel amazing when you tune in and take notice!

Magical days,