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How the heck are ya feelin’ today?  If it’s not so great, then DEFINITELY check out this vid! 

Life is too short not to feel good!

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Posted 209 weeks ago

May you live long and prosper!  Enjoy this video to help you move into prosperity as opposed to just wanting money!

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Posted 210 weeks ago
Posted 210 weeks ago

A Story for You...

The brief writing below was sent to me by my sweat lodge leader. As he battles a tobacco addiction, he sends us “sweat-ers” some beautiful stories of healing along the way.

Thought you might enjoy this one!  Copyright Paul Perrotta, 2011

Hi Relatives.  Back in May I shared with you, “My Hypocrisy”, and then “Into my Hypocrisy”.  (For those new to this sweat community, will send on request.)  The encouragement, support and love that came back from so many, blessed me.  A beloved elder guided me to seek complete rebirth, back before the womb.  I spent the following months immersed in deep, intense, ceremony.  The results are profound an ongoing.        One of my experiences is calling for me to share it with you, in hopes it will help at least one along the way.        I’d spent four days alone in a sweat lodge followed by four days alone with two hundred year old pine trees in the Sierras at seven thousand feet, and was returning to the five sense world.  Traveling south on highway 14, I decided to stop in Palmdale.  At the age of three, my head and face broke the windshield of a Nash Rambler, at an intersection in Palmdale. Before an awakening some twenty plus years ago I had always thought that if there was a “God”, then the doctors who saved my life blew it and that I was supposed to have died.  After being awakened to “something invisible that loves me” and getting to know my Earth mother, I came to trust that the “accident” happened for an important reason.    As complete rebirth was the prayer I thought there might be something at the intersection waiting for me, so I followed the impulse to try and find the location where the “accident” took place.  My sister was fifteen and in the car when it happened and I called her to ask about details.  She remembered the intersection.  She also said that while my head and face were being stitched up with sixty seven stitches, the family could hear me screaming because the anesthesia was having no effect.        I located the corner in Palmdale where the crash happened and parked a little ways away.  I looked at the corner and “the memories seeped through my veins.”  I remembered my earliest memory, which was seeing a foggy world through a slit in the bandages.  I remembered feeling ugly through puberty because of the scars.  I imagined the accident happening the way my family described it to me, and wondered how much of the story was my memory or theirs.        I got out of the car, walked over to the spot where I lay bleeding some fifty-five years earlier, closed my eyes, and allowed the experience to come to the surface.  Instantly my body shuddered, a chill ran up my spine and I could feel the hair on the back of my neck trying to sand up, (but it was too long.)         I saw the three-year-old towhead screaming, with blood all over his head and face, and felt so much compassion and wanted to hold, comfort and love “him”.  A split second later I saw what “he” was doing for “me”.  I saw the essence undergoing a shaman’s initiation, so that this individual “I” would have the experience and tools to step into my highest vision at this time, and it is time.
In those moments at the intersection a wound was healed.  The compassion and gratitude that I felt for that three year old healed something in me I didn’t even know was hurting.  I’m so grateful for the “accident”, and for the tobacco addiction. They’ve been powerful teachers and have helped me increase my measure. Being stitched up without anesthesia has sounded a lot easier than quitting smoking.  Now, I’d call it a tie.  But both were crucial for my highest evolution and I’m grateful for every tear. We have the free will to choose how we will experience our difficulties, and what we will do with them.  We cannot change the past but we can change how we “frame” it and how it affects our lives. What changed in those moments at the intersection?  I took no anti-depressants or teacher plants.  I didn’t exactly pray or do ceremony.  I didn’t mentally figure out a way to make it not hurt so much.  What I did do was to invite and surrender to the experience as fully as possible.  I asked to feel it all and I was blessed for it.  Looking back it feels like passing through a veil. The shamanic perspective relates to traumas as initiations, and they come baring profound gifts to those who dare to go within for the source of their difficulty, and choose to heal. I’m sharing this because for many it’s a scary world out there.  Change can be unsettling without a deep trust in Mother Nature, or in the “underlying loving intelligence”. Our wounds and heartaches can be seen as sacred teachers and perfect for our highest growth toward realizing and becoming boundless love.    

  Every difficulty comes with a gift in it’s hand, and of course we have the free will to perceive it otherwise.

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Posted 212 weeks ago

Sometimes life is not going in the direction we would like to see.  There is often a simple answer to why that is:

- you are constantly in opposition to everything instead of in the flow of what you want.

-  you are AGAINST everything instead of FOR it.

- you are fighting instead of creating power through peace.

Check out the vid for more info and see if you need to be more in the flow to create your dreams from a place of positivity!

Magical days.. have a beautiful weekend!


Posted 212 weeks ago
Posted 213 weeks ago

How can you begin to do the “spiritual” expectation of giving to others when you have not given to yourself?

How can you give to others if your battery is drained to the maximum level?

Check out this video for more info about how we can begin gifting our souls with nourishment so that we can let that flow through to others!

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Posted 214 weeks ago
Posted 214 weeks ago

Living Spirit 6 is here!  In this video I share some ideas about why part of living our spirit is to share our joy/bliss with the people we love.  Why hold all that goodness in when it can be fully expressed?

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment or thoughts!

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Body Image is nothing more than CHOICE!

Posted by Julie Hoffenberg on Thursday, December 30, 2010, In : Body Image 

Although I do not typically make videos for teens, I was asked to make an empowerment video for young women for "The Juice Network" and thought BODY IMAGE would be the best thing to focus on.

Women are subjected to non-stop images of perfection, both on and off screen, and its about time to focus on what really matters.  Movement, feelin good in our skin, choosing self-love, being present, eating well, etc.... these are all little things we can do to improve our body image. It just takes the f...

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There is magic in the Mystery!

Posted by Julie Hoffenberg on Thursday, December 23, 2010, In : Family and community 

My winter solstice was spent creating a spiral labyrinth of light with Sarah, Ophena, some friends, and other community members with the sweet sounds of voice and cello in the background.  This evening seemed like one divine, magical moment after the other.  I am not completely sure what it was all about; I just know there was an awakening of sorts...some movement into the soul and true conscious presence.

The night...

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A bit of Ojai Magic with a Friend...

Posted by Julie Hoffenberg on Tuesday, December 21, 2010, In : Family and community 
My friend I met at some council training wrote this beautiful piece below after we shared some time together on an Ojai overlook.  It speaks for itself and I just wanted to share it with all of you.  If you are interested in her new blog she started, please visit  and thanks for reading! :-)


Sometimes ancestral wisdom drops in through a gentle conversation on a mountaintop. This weekend I went to the Ojai Foundation in Ojai ...
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What's up with Affirmations?

Posted by Julie Hoffenberg on Tuesday, December 21, 2010, In : Law of Attraction 

Many of my clients have asked me why affirmations don't work.  They seem to work a very small percentage of the time, with a very small percentage of the people.  This is not only due to the infrequency with which people repeat the affirmations, but also due to how our brains work and how we create habits and beliefs.

Please watch below for more information and how to work with affirmations in a more successful way!

Magical days and much love...

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Set a Physical Goal for yourself...

Posted by Julie Hoffenberg on Thursday, December 16, 2010, In : Fitness 
Often women I speak with are quickly moving into their purpose.  Their eyes and ears are in constant motion...connecting, networking, "computering," designing, etc...

But what is happening to your BODY, your physical vessel during all of this?

It is important to set physical goals for ourselves while manifesting our dreams.  Not only because it keeps the body active and healthy, but also because it creates the opportunity for empowerment and pride.  These qualities are so important when steppin...

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Lean into it!

Posted by Julie Hoffenberg on Friday, December 10, 2010, In : Taking Action on your Dreams 
Does something beckon you?

What gives you joy?

Are you resisting the things that will pull you closer to your purpose?

Watch the video below and begin to lean into it all as your dreams begin to manifest!

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To the beginning...

Posted by Julie Hoffenberg on Thursday, December 9, 2010, In : Taking Action on your Dreams 
I wanted to share a brief story about my client, who sent me an inspirational message the other day!

She and I were brainstorming some website names and nothing seemed perfect.  I had sent her a few more names and told her to sit with the names and see what resonates, or feels intuitively right for her nature-based art company she is starting.  I told her that when she has a name picked out, place it in a hat or jar with her other top two or three picks and then pull one.  Generally the univer...
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The Sweet Process of Council

Posted by Julie Hoffenberg on Tuesday, December 7, 2010, In : Live Your Purpose 
I had the opportunity to attend my second level of training in the process of council this weekend.  There was so much magic in it.  It is both quiet and loud, it involves listening and speaking, it speaks to the light and the dark, and more than anything else, it speaks to my heart and draws me in like a sweet singing siren (without the bad ending ;-)

Please watch the two videos below where I introduce the amazing land where the class took place and share some brief thoughts!  I know that as ...
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Consider your Self-WORTH

Posted by Julie Hoffenberg on Thursday, December 2, 2010, In : Taking Action on your Dreams 
I wanted to make a video the other day about the idea of self-worth.  So many of the people who reach out to me for coaching create the internal message that they are not "worth" the investment.  If we continue this internal dialogue, we keep ourselves in the same stagnant pond we are trying to get out of.

I have been there.

I understand the hesitation to invest in something that is not a guarantee.

But if your intuition tells you "YES!" there is no better time than in that moment to invest in y...

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